About Bantulêlê

Bantulêlê is the name of the french brand of clothing and accessories for the capoeirista and inspired by the latest fashion trends. The Bantulêlê spirit combines differents urbans and sports styles, while ensuring ethical and responsible production. The name Bantulêlê comes from the contraction of "Bantu" for all african peoples "bantus", whose traditions still resonate in Brazil, and "lêlê" small stick of the island of Martinique fashioned its termination in a knot of five branches and used to mix "léler" in Creole ; Or "lêlê", in reference to maculelê, combat dance related to capoeira, which is performed with sticks also called "grimas" in Brazil. Bantulêlê mixtures and thus offers collections of qualities inspired of the universe of capoeira.